ARchytas Media

Archytas   Media Aerial Photography and aerial video

 All our UAV's (drones) are equipped with cameras capable of 4k footage at 60fps. The camera is also capable of 20mp still photos. We can also shoot massive panoramic images by shooting multiple images and then stitching them together in the editing phase. to give you huge images that look great printed onto canvas.


"providing a friendly & professional service"

We can help you with:

  • weddings/events videos & photography
  • estate photography
  • hotel and golf course advertising videos & Photography
  • Visual roof inspections
  • business advertising videos

"providing a friendly & professional service"


We offer a bespoke service so any prices quoted below are for guidance purposes only

As part of every job, we will conduct an office based survey to check whether the job can be completed within the rules and regulations set out by the CAA. Some jobs may require an on-site survey as well as the office based part. 

Aerial Wedding Photographs

​For 20 aerial photographs of your special day. These images will be shot in RAW & JPEG format and will be unedited. The images can be given to the client on site via client supplied memory stick or the images can be sent to the client within 3 working days using We also offer a photo editing service but there will be an extra charge for this service. We would welcome working in conjunction with your wedding photographer as this way you can get the most from your photos of your special day.

(Extra photos and video can be taken but there will be an extra charge)

Commercial Properties photographs (​estate agents/agricultural/residential)

​For 10 aerial photographs unedited or we can edit the photos for you for an additional charge. 

Promotional/Marketing Video (​together with 10 edited photos)

​To include an initial meeting to discuss what you would like to achieve  from your video. For a 1-2 minute video edited to music with you company logo at the beginning and your details at the end. 

we are currently offering spring 2017 deals


If you are looking for a drone operator and drone to work with your production team:-

Full day hire (drone & pilot) £500 Half Day hire (drone and pilot) £250
(£2 million public liability insurance cover for the drone and pilot)

Additional Fees

We charge 50p per mile for any works which take us out of a 20 mile radius of St Ann's Chapel, United Kingdom (PL18 9FG). Where accommodation overnight is required we will make sure that is for less than £80 per night.


Most tasks will be carried out using just the CAA approved pilot / cameraman. Sometimes on more complex tasks a second person may be needed so that the pilot can concentrate more on the task at hand. This will all be discussed with the client beforehand. There will be an extra fee of £75 for this.

Each job is very different and as a result we give quotes based on each job separately . Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help....